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“I Did It! F*ck yes! …And you can too…”

Guys… this is huge… I was juried into MASF’s International Miniature Art Show held, quite conveniently, in Dunedin, FL. I. Was. Juried. Into. An. International. Show. I read that again… just for good measure. I am ecstatic. I have worked my a$$ off to get into this show and here we are. Now if you’re thinking the intent of this post is to pat myself on the back, partially… yeah I’m proud af with myself lol but there is a HUGE takeaway from this that I want to share with you.

Painting is not something that comes easy to me. Although the finished product always brings joy, the process itself brings me a ton of anxiety and stress. When I paint I go into a zone, where I usually can not be reached (just ask my husband and kids, they will verify this) because every ounce of my being is focused on the task at hand. I am planning out a finished product in my head and building those layers of paint in my head, ten steps ahead of where I’m physically at, so that I can get to the final product I can see in my head (that’s even exhausting to write lol). What I do and put out is not magic; it is the cumulation of HOURS of deep concentration and immense effort honed into my current work at hand. This struggle of creating, of being able to put out quality work but overcoming challenges. Every. Single. Piece. You. Create. Is not though, a unique to me problem. There are very few, and I mean very few people that can pick something up out of nowhere and not just be good, but be as skilled as their peers who have achieved this level of craftsmanship only after a lifetime working in the medium (savants / prodigies) and I promise you, myself like most other artists, crafters, athletes, etc. don’t fit into this category… we have to put in the work *le sigh‘.

My point in all of this is as follows… I now have a new goal; as I’ve met both of my previous goals from the last four years ;), and that is to place in the MASF international show in 5-10 years (although I think I should light the fire under my a$$ and commit to doing it in 5 years, scary! Eeek!) ; there’s also another goal I can’t quite share but I do hope you’ll stick around as it unfurls in the next few years (such good stuff here)… aside from that though, back to my other point… Many people have accused me of having magic hands… as if I sit down and do water out of wine crap and pull art out of nowhere and I just wanted to dispel that myth because it’s downright awful. I’m not magic and have no magical gifts to speak of. I work hard (daily) to get to where I am. And my point… my point is that ANYONE can do what I’m doing. I’m not saying you’re going to do what I do, like I do, because who wants to be a big a$$ copy cat? But if you can figure out what you love to do, enough so that you will show up daily, you can and will hit all of your goals. Guaranteed.

It’s cool to be proud of yourself for working hard and it’s empowering to know that hitting goals doesn’t have a damn thing to do with some magical gift you were lucky enough to receive, but rather by showing up and doing your thing with a clear path in mind. Years ago my husband gave a talk about what it took to get his Master Electrician’s License (the highest licensing you can get in our state). Before his speech he greeted all of the attendees at the door and handed them a penny. Who cares, right? It’s a penny. And during his lecture about his ten year journey from deciding on a career path to working towards the highest licensure one can hold, he walked around the room and asked for his pennies back. At the end of his trip around the room, he had a couple dozen pennies, peanuts… He put them down on a table, briefly walked out of the room and came back with a large container filled with 3,650 pennies, minus the ones he had handed out to the crowd (we had to source beforehand lol… we are now on a first name basis with all employees at our bank - true story). Ton of pennies… if you’re trying to come up with a visual here. He used his hands to pick up the pennies on the table, then added them back to the jar… now containing a penny for each day he had worked towards his goal (of $36.50… just kidding lol). Individually the pennies weren’t impressive, but as he told the speech attendees, once you put them all together, all those tiny little pieces culminated towards something much bigger and much more impressive (than even the $36.50… bwhahahah I swear it was a great speech).

So try all the things… figure out what makes you tick… set some big goals… then show up… every. Single. Day. Especially when you don’t want to… and get ready to watch yourself get big things done; of course that’s just my two cents…

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