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2021 Self Portrait Triptych

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Here we go! Done! ok... no, no, they're not done... I still want to do a few touch ups on "Witness" and then there's the resin application and framing, but for all intents and purposes, they’re done…

My self portrait triptych, a favorite scene from "Tommy Boy" is complete. If you never saw "Tommy Boy" you're probably really confused; and if you did see it, perhaps you're still confused. "Tommy Boy" (the movie is almost thirty years old, so I do NOT want to hear that I spoiled it for anyone) is about Tommy Callahan (Chris Farley) who steps in to take over his auto part tycoon dad's business with the help of his late father's sarcastic assistant, Richard (David Spade). Tommy was a disaster. His father had been an amazing salesman who built an empire from the ground up but when Tommy did his best to emulate his dad, he failed miserably. My triptych is a portrayal of the hilarious scene in which Tommy tries to close a deal with a potential client and winds up lighting a prized model car on fire after going on a long winded, gory, and swear laden rant intended to showcase his company's break pads vs "the other guys" break pads. Spoiler alert: he did not get the account. I used to watch "Tommy Boy" all the time. If you had a great sense of humor (wink, wink), loved Chris Farley; had Comedy Central; and came of age in the 90's; chances are you have seen it or some part of that movie, at least 47 times. Easy. I know I have. A long time passed though since I had sat down to watch that movie, and it wasn't until my kids expressed an interest in seeing it, that I viewed "Tommy Boy" in its entirety for the first time in a long time. The movie was just as hilarious as I remembered and judging by the laughs of my three kids, the humor transcended both time and a generation, but there was something else about watching "Tommy" this last time. This time I related to "Tommy." I was him.

*** To be Continued *** ;)

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