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The Most Profound Sh*t I Ever Heard

If you’ve been following along, you know that I began my, “100% all in” journey as a professional artist, this past May. For me that meant signing up for an artist training program where I learn all the ins and outs of creating a six-figure income selling my art. The program consists of weekly coaching sessions, workshops, calendar planning, etc. This past week I attended a virtual “Goal Workshop” in which we learned about setting a goal, how to stick to it, how to make reaching our goal inevitable and more. I learned a lot and even put my goals (or rather the steps I need to take to hit them) on a calendar, which is a brand new strategy for me. There was a lot of useful information that I will be implementing but there was one thing that really, and I mean really, stood out.

Now maybe you’ve heard this before… and if you have, and you found it incredible and profound and amazing… sorry to bore you, but if you’ve never heard what I’m about to say to you, you’re going to want to not only listen, but digest and process the sh*t out of it. So here we go… my art coach Teresa, was telling us about a seminar that she went to, which featured incredible women who had put together multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up. If you’ve made it this far and you’re thinking… I’m retired, or I’m a SAHM and none of this applies to me… think again… I promise you are going to want to hear this:

During the seminar, Teresa tells us about one woman who was asked to speak. She had started a company out of her garage and less than ten years later the company was raking in $54 million dollars A YEAR. Naturally, everyone wanted to know her secret and it only made sense that she would be asked to talk about how she achieved that level of success. I don’t know what anyone expected her to say… maybe that she jumped out of bed at the crack of dawn to drink her fist litre of water for the day before biking ten miles on her Peloton and then eating a clean breakfast all before six am when she ran to the office and put in a full 12 hours before coming home to do it all again… with some her giving some “work hard; play hard” mantra at the end… but what she said was much different than that. She told her captive audience that she had been able to build a seven figure business not because she was working 16 hour days 24/7; or because she was the smartest; fastest; or even best at what she did. No. “None of that mattered,” she said. What set her apart from everyone else, what enabled her to succeed where others only dreamt of going was not any superhuman quality but rather this:

“I am,” she said, “willing to sit in discomfort.”

Now think about that for a second. Like really think about what that means… because my jaw hit the goddamn floor. No one likes discomfort. We are conditioned to avoid feeling this feeling and for many of us, myself included, this aversion to discomfort plays out regularly in our lives. For example let‘s say x is hard. You struggle with x. You don’t like the feeling that you get from struggling so you avoid x. You avoid x and any discomfort and as a result you are “safe” but you never grow (or you finally do x, but you waste a sh*t ton of time by putting x off).

For me personally that aversion to discomfort manifested like this: I find it very hard to be open about my journey and myself and a lot of that comes from embarrassment (which is nothing more than discomfort). To avoid sitting in discomfort, up until recently, I never put together an email list… I never sent emails… and when I finally did get the guts to do so, not wanting to confront that icky feeling meant procrastinating the f*ck out of that email… or spending four hours of nit picking on something that I could have done in 45 minutes had I just said and believed, “who gives a sh*t if this is embarrassing?” And just went with it.

How many missed opportunities to connect with people whom I genuinely believe could benefit from owning my art or hearing my stories did I waste? I’d rather not spend time thinking about that (I can’t change my past)… but my point is… had I been willing to be ok with the feeling of embarrassment, to sit in that discomfort… the same discomfort that keeps us from sharing our blog; that keeps us from leaving a crap but ‘safe’ job; that keeps us from writing that email; where could I already be?

If YOU were willing to sit in discomfort… where could YOU be?

This woman that started a dinky little company in her garage and now pulls in $54 million dollars a year didn’t do so through some secret marketing strategy; or her super human ability to put in 16 hour days of unrelenting work for the better part of a decade (thank god, because that is most definitely not in my wheel house); no; she, by her own admission is no ”brainiac”, nor has she cracked the social media holy grail of advertising, this woman was able to reach the level of success she achieved simply by being ok with ’icky feelings’. Ladies… and gentlemen… imagine knowing that you can achieve ANYTHING, simply by being ok with experiencing discomfort?

What I found most profound in all of this is that no matter who you are, what point you are at in your life or career, what you have, or what you don’t have, will make no difference at all; to succeed you need no special tools or resources; you’re already exactly where you need to be to get to where you want to go… In order to succeed, you just have to make the choice to welcome that b*tch, Discomfort, to the table (which is easy because she’s been following you around your whole life) and to stare her right in the eyes when you hit that ”send” button on your email. And if you’re feeling a little extra sassy because I sure am these days, be sure to give her a a little wink, “F*ck you;” you smile before adding, “I got this, Boo,” because you totally do…

Discomfort avoidance is literally all that is keeping you from reaching the best version of yourself (and maybe even $54 million)… imagine that.

No makeup? Frizzy hair? Embarrassed? Nervous about what people will think? Check… Check… Check… and Check… posted anyway? Yup. I see you, Discomfort ;)

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