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Vanessa vs. the Troll

I slayed that f*cker.

Four months ago I started a program for artists that teaches you how to run your business and make time to create art and also how to slay the fuck out of trolls. Wait? Troll slaying? F*ck yes (art is so cool, yea it is).

Part of being a successful artist (or anything for that matter) is realizing that your thoughts always create your results. So every morning while I plan out my day, I also take the time to go full out Stuart Smalley, Daily Affirmations style on myself, and remind yours truly why I am putting in the work I’m putting in (because I’m an awesome fucking artist) and not only do I write about why I’m putting in the work I’m putting in, I remind myself why I am worth this work (because I’m talented and want to push to be the best I can possibly be because I KNOW I can become truly amazing at what I do). Now I promise, I’m not bragging, these are MY daily affirmations. This is what I tell myself so that I can truly feel and embrace this. And I’m getting there. I think I’m pretty damn close to believing what I write down each morning and ready to start living like it…

So when I crossed paths with the embodiment of small d*ck energy in the form of an internet troll, 120 days into my daily affirmations, I was nearly unflappable. I don’t remember his exact words, but it was something to the extent of me having “crappy drawings”. You know what I didn’t waste an ounce of energy on after that comment? I wasn’t questioning my artistic skills (after all, bro called my paintings, drawings…. Lol); I certainly wasn’t thinking about giving up; nor did I jump on an art page to vent about how maybe I’m just not cut out for this (lots of artists struggle here); and I certainly wasn’t wasting any of my time arguing with what’s his name? IDGAF. I went right back to painting. After all, I had just spent the last 120 days hearing how great of a painter I am ;) Vanessa – 1 / Troll - 0.

The thoughts you create for yourself are the thoughts you allow to shape your day; the day to day thoughts then, become the predicator of one’s future. I’m Vanessa LeVesque of Luh Vek Art… I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. I’m a fantastic freaking artist. And Doggone, it… people like me. So take your best shot trolls… this b*tch is bulletproof.

What thoughts are you allowing to shape your day?

”Athena“ also a troll slaying badass…

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