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Why Jurassic Park ruined Florida for my family.

I grew up in New England. Connecticut to be precise (perhaps you picked up on the accent in my last video?), or maybe it was that refined New England sarcasm? Either way, I’m from up north. I am also a die hard dinosaur fanatic; pretty much a prehistoric junkie. I grew up playing with dinosaurs (Barbie, who?) and I may have even incorporated a dinosaur theme into my eldest son’s room (unfortunately he loves garbage and Not dinosaurs… true story). You can therefore imagine my excitement then when one of the greatest movies of all time was released in 1994: JURASSIC PARK. I was bedazzled to say the least. Eleven year old me pretty much lost my sh*t when this movie came out. One of my favorite scenes is at the end when everyone is safe and sound, leaving the island, narrowly escaping death, all riding aboard the rescue helicopter and they look out the window and see a flock of pelicans silently gliding above the ocean… music crescendos (yea you know the tune… you’re humming it right now, aren’t you) and the movie ends.

Now I don’t want to go diagnosing myself with sh*t, because I most definitely am not qualified to do so, but I will tell you that if I were to, I’d guess I have some OCD tendencies (among others). Some of these OCD tendencies are pretty bad: like picking the hell out of my fingers; some are weird but harmless: counting out syllables and or letters of a phrase, word, or number until the last word, number, or phrase ends on my thumb or pinky finger; and some of my OCD tendencies are really, really, really annoying: like this Jurassic Park instrumental theme song hum. What is that, you ask? So after the movie, something clicked in my brain that decided that any time… and i mean any time, I see a pelican flying by the water, I have to hum the ENTIRE Jurassic Park song… the…. entire… song… Now this wasn’t a big deal living in New England. Rarely did I ever have to hum, I mean aside from vacation, I am not seeing any pelicans in CT. And then I moved to Florida. I think my husband found the tick funny for the first 12 hours we visited FL together, fifteen years of living here though, and he finds it much less amusing.

The rock above is Dr Ian Malcolm seeing Jurassic Park’s prehistoric menagerie for the first time: cue the music; cue the dinosaurs doing dinosaur stuff; add in some wonderment and awe for good measure (brilliant acting, btw); and bingo… 27 years of humming a damn theme song any time I’m by the shore. You did it…. You crazy son of a bitch… you did it.

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