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Wish.com Granted

Two pictures of the same robe, right? LOL.

Yeah… not even close. What I ordered is what you see on the right (stunning right?) and what I received is what you see on the left (in this case the picture is making this thing look 100 times better than it actually looks in real life - total disaster).

Several months ago I ordered the robe on the right, well… again… what I thought was that robe. I had come across it online and fallen in love. Although I usually don’t go gaga over clothes, once in a while I’ll find something that sets my soul alight and this robe did it. Doing my due diligence, I looked up the reviews, my favorite being something to the effect of:

This is what you wear while descending a huge marble staircase to answer the policemen’s questions about your husband’s suspicious death.

Sold. Just for the record, I adore my husband and I do not have a marble staircase (goddamn shame, if you’re asking me), but nonetheless I needed this robe. So I bought and I waited. A good six weeks later, I had almost forgotten about it, I get a package in the mail. Now I had a feeling this entire time that I was being ripped off. What you see on the right is never going to be sold for $29.99, but that’s what I had paid. And when the package came, the insanely light weight heft, immediately gave away that the contents were most definitely not what I had hoped they’d be. Opening the bag confirmed my suspicions. I had been ripped off.

I don’t know why my mind works the way it does. I don’t know if it was because we had just seen The Little Mermaid prior to me receiving this package, but for some reason my mind immediately went to Ariel: I thought of her going to the Sea Witch about getting human legs and when the Sea Witch told her the transaction was going to cost her beautiful voice, she decided to shop around for a better deal. Like me, she wanted the bells and whistles but wanted it for a whole lot less. And that was where the idea of “Wish.com Granted” came from: this idea of expecting one thing and getting something sorta close, but not quite there... and of course, remembering to laugh when life gives you lemons… or a really shitty robe.

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