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LuhVek Art
Vanessa LeVesque

Live Life Unfiltered.

My art gives me freedom, the freedom to live my life on my terms.  

My imagery and words tell a story of confidence and unapologetic self acceptance. 

I was led to believe that my options were limitless, as long as they fit into a very generic box. 

Subsequent years and fruitless attempts to conform and happily fit in led to hopelessness. 

Now I’m convinced that denying your true nature, your true wants, needs and talents may lead to a life of comfort but possibly a life less fulfilled.  

My work is unabashedly unique. 

My paintings are bold, bright, clever, witty and fun. 

My art isn’t just a statement piece… it’s a whole fucking vibe.

My art is about confidence, self acceptance, and the zen in the joy of just not giving a fuck what others think about you and your journey. 

My art is meant to liberate; my art gives me permission to live my life on my terms.

We grew up learning that it was more important to fit in and filter oneself than it was to embrace one’s uniqueness. 

With my art I get to challenge the belief that we should aspire to the status quo; that we should squeeze ourselves into boxes that we don’t fit into, that we should dim the very things that make us the individuals we are… 

My art is a reminder to live your life on your terms, exactly how you want to, however that looks, with zero apologies and even less fucks to waste on what others might think about your unfiltered and perfectly worthy as you are, self.   

And that my friends, is freeing as fuck. 

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