IRL Outdoor Art Show

What a great night!

Thank you so much for your support. This was my first art show. I learned a lot; had a ton of fun; and I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you to everyone that came; to those that could not attend but took the time to wish me well; to the people that let me set out cards; or shared my posts; to the friends that brought flowers; food; libations; offered to help set up…thank you as well; you all are awesome. I’m so very grateful for all the help; the kind words and the overall wonderful experience. :) THANK YOU



(In Real Life)

 I love emojis: they’re quick, visual, story telling tools. In our relatively new and primitive online world, I like to think of emojis as modern day cave paintings. Although the symbols are universal, the stories we associate with them are often very personal. In this body of work, I wanted to pair universal symbols with stories from my life. I enjoyed the juxtaposition, not only visually, between the emoji and the subjects; but also of the universal symbol versus the personal story.  My intent in creating these pieces of art was to juxtapose traditional art with digital representations; to juxtapose our universally shared and also very personal experiences; and finally to remind ourselves that even in this new digital world, art, like those early cave paintings, will continue to play an important roll in human communication.