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What Collectors Want.

When I started my journey as an artist, it took me a LONG time to give myself permission to create in my current style.

I figured that if I did, no one would take me seriously and how could I even take myself seriously when so much of my work was heavy on the humor?

Early on in coaching I often found myself rolling my eyes when we were asked to really ruminate on the value we were adding to the universe.


I had just finished a painting of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart baking weed shaped cookies… outside of a laugh… what value was I adding?

Value? Pffffft….

I was just having fun.

But when I started participating in art shows on the regular and talking to collectors I began viewing my work much differently.

My perspective has since changed:

Not everyone wants a serene landscape painting hung above their living room sofa. Not everyone enjoys a colorful floral in their kitchen.

There are so many people out there that don’t fit the status quo; that want a reminder to be themselves; to be ok with being different; and that want the reassurance, reminder, or visual push… to live their lives unfiltered.

Which, and here’s some full circle shit: is the same exact mindset that this journey has afforded me.

Who’d have thought that some hilariously fun, brightly colored, heavy on the fucking sparkly glitter, resin encased magic could change the trajectory of my life and inspire the shit out of so many wonderfully awesome people??

Live your life unfiltered... and let’s see where you go.

I’ll see you there!

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