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What Does LuhVek Stand For?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

You love the art… meet the artist.

Meet the LeVesque behind your LuhVek.

“What do I stand for?”

I was recently prompted by my art coach. I thought about her question for a bit before deciding, “that’s a good one….”

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again… all of my art is made through the same lens: live your life unfiltered. If you’re asking yourself… “ok, cool… what the hell do you mean by that?” To live your life unfiltered means to live YOUR personal truth.

For Me That Meant Living MY Life On MY Terms.

Up until very recently, I spent the majority of my life people pleasing. SO much people pleasing. A ton of it devoted to “finding the RIGHT job,” A “real” job. Doing what other people thought I’d be good at, knowing deep down it wasn’t me. Trying to fit into situations I would never fit into, looking for acceptance from people who in the grand scheme of my life story… don’t matter. And then finally when I even decided to paint professionally, my hesitation to let the real LuhVek out…

A Turning Point

I used to paint landscapes… And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that… it wasn’t ME. It‘s just what I did because I thought that the real me wasn’t good enough. Who was going to like my salty art?

It’s funny though because in wanting to fit in, in trying to people please, I wasn’t fitting in at all. Never once in my life did it pan out that way. But now? I’m waving my freak flag high up in the air and holy shit… I don’t even have to beg to be let in… I’m being invited. I thought that to “make it,” I had to fit in and now I’m realizing that I’m actually going to “make it,” by being different and living my truth. It’s ironic that the “me” I fought for so long is the same “me” that’s going to do this art thing.

What’s your truth? Who are you hiding? Who would you be… who COULD you be if you lived your unfiltered life?

When I create my work, I create my work through the lens of living my life unfiltered… of creating art that I enjoy creating… art that speaks my truth and art that reminds me to embrace who I am and what I do.

Live YOUR life unfiltered. And see what that does for you...

And in case you’re wondering, I’m the lunatic in the bleachers with the full face paint and big flag cheering you on. Let’s do this!

I am the syrup queen… I can do anything. All hail the syrup queen.

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